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  • 200+ Binaurale Beats 
  • Over 150 hours
  • Sleep better
  • Relax more easily
  • Meditate more intensely
  • Concentrate harder
  • Train harder
  • Improved mentality
  • Increase your quality of life
  • Develop your potential
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Instant access

€ 37,00 199,99

Your advantages at a glance:

More focus

Power through with binaural beats. You can do better with our audio programs
focus - be it on university, your work or creative development processes.

Find your balance

Master your stressful everyday life skillfully and return to clear, focused
Think. Binatune is your daily companion.

Meditate more intensely

Concentrate completely on yours with the help of our binaural audio programs
Interior. Experience how you develop inner peace and deep relaxation.

Fall asleep faster

Bring your body the rest it needs to fall asleep. With binaural beats
you can relax better and fall asleep faster.

Relax better

Put your body in a state of to the binaural sounds of Binatune
Deep sleep. The next morning, start the day fully rested.

Maximum audio quality

We do without decoding and compression in order to offer the best quality and the highest possible effectiveness.

This is what the mega package has in store for you:

Delta package

Delta brain waves are mainly measured during deep sleep phases. These brain waves regenerate and heal the body's cells.

In the Delta state, regenerative hormones such as melantonin, DHEA and the human growth hormone somatropin are released. A high somatropin level leads to better skin, nicer nails and normal hair growth.

Correctly dosed, delta brainwaves can lead to more empathy, empathy and compassion. The Delta state is also a place of healing, deepest relaxation and spiritual connection.

  • Restful sleep
  • Deep relaxation
  • Better complexion
  • Beautiful nails
  • Normal hair growth
  • Healing of cells
  • Whole body regeneration
Value: € 29.99

Theta package

Theta brain waves have been used in meditation for a long time. The brain waves of people in trance are also in this frequency range.

In the theta state, people can access deeper levels of their subconscious. This also improves their ability to remember their dreams. In this state, people often lose track of time

  • Inner peace
  • Relaxation
  • No feeling of stress
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Meditative thoughts
  • Enhanced inspiration
Value: € 29.99

Alpha package

Alpha brain waves are measured when you let your mind wander and focus on little or no things.

Often people who meditate are in this frequency range. Routine activities like driving a car, gardening, or housework encourage alpha brain waves.

This state is seen as a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. Because of this, it has many regenerative benefits for your body and mind

  • Reduction of negative emotions
  • Less stress
  • Supports you in meditation
  • Improved creativity
  • Better memory
  • Faster access to knowledge
Value: € 29.99

Beta package

Beta brain waves are one of the most common brain waves. They arise when you have to exert yourself mentally and when you are focused or concentrated. Beta brain waves are primarily produced by your rational, logical brain.

If the activity of the beta brain waves increases, the synchronization of your brain halves decreases. However, this is not a problem since we are relatively often in this brain wave pattern.

  • Increased concentration
  • More focus
  • Better logical thinking
Value: € 29.99

Gamma package

Gamma brain waves have the highest frequency. They are associated with quick thinking and processing large amounts of data.

If you find yourself in this state, you can understand complex relationships and process a lot of information in a short time. You can think of gamma brainwaves like an upgrade of your RAM

When used correctly, gamma brainwaves have many benefits. However, they have not yet been thoroughly investigated scientifically, but have received more and more attention in recent years.

  • Sense of connectedness
  • Sharpening of all 5 senses
  • Increased attention
  • High level of self-discipline
  • Understand complex relationships faster
Value: € 29.99

Solfeggio package

Solfeggio frequencies resonate with our cells and organs. In this way they transmit the vibrations to our body and can thus spread their positive effect to the whole organism.

There are different Solfeggio frequencies with different effects on the body and mind. These frequencies have been known since ancient times and were used back then to treat physical and physical complaints.

  • Health-promoting effect
  • Relaxation of body, mind and soul
  • Strong healing effect
Value: € 29.99

Chakra package

  • Root chakra frequency 396 Hz: basic trust, stability, grounding
  • Sacral chakra frequency 417 Hz: creativity, sexuality, emotion
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Frequency 528 Hz: Will, Power, Wisdom, Social Self
  • Heart Chakra Frequency 639 Hz: Compassion, Love, Integration
  • Neck Chakra Frequency 741 Hz: Truth, Inspiration, Expression
  • Third Eye Chakra 852 Hz: Frequency awareness, intuition, charisma
  • Crown Chakra Frequency 963 Hz: Wisdom Spirituality, Divinity
Value: € 29.99

432Hz package

The 432 Hz frequency has a concentrating, calming and meditative effect.

It also brings the body and soul into harmony.

  • Calming and suitable for relaxation and meditation
  • Synchronizes the halves of the brain
  • Brings body and soul into harmony
  • Harmonization of DNA
Value: € 29.99

BONUS: Guide to effective use

So that you can achieve maximum results with our binaural beats

Value: € 4,95

BONUS: The Law of Attraction (E-Book)

Let your thoughts determine your destiny

Value: € 9,99

BONUS: nature sounds

Nature sounds package for a relaxing atmosphere (16h)

 Value: €19,99 €

BONUS: Free updates for a lifetime

As a customer, all updates are free of charge for you

Total value: € 495,89 
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€ 37,00 199,99


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