Binaural Beats

Problems falling asleep, restlessness, concentration problems and listlessness can limit us every day. Binaural beats can be useful so that you can slide back into deep relaxation phases, reduce stress and overcome restlessness. Binaural tones and binaural music can preventively counteract stress. You too can sustainably increase your quality of life with this simple method!

Works in under 15 minutes.

What are binaural beats exactly?

If you put on headphones and hear two clearly different frequencies in your left and right ears, the sound will sound crooked. However, if there is hardly any difference between the frequencies, our brain automatically converts them into an average. This mean value is binaural beats. Binaural beats are created in the brain when the ears on the left and right are exposed to slightly different frequencies. Two very similar sound waves activate your brain stem, which then forms the middle frequency. As a result, you hear
you seem to only have one tone. Binaural beats are like an “auditory illusion” - basically you are listening to the sounds that your own brain creates.

Discovery of the binaural beats

In 1839, the German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that people perceive acoustic "beats" when the ears are exposed to two different tones on both sides. The biophysicist Gerald Oster later took up this discovery
and was able to establish in 1973 that the compensation to a tone takes place in the brain and specific brain waves are stimulated in the process.

Binaural beats and their effects

Binaural beats get our brain halves back on track. Due to external influences, contrary to their nature, our brain halves now work asynchronously. In the case of strong asynchrony, this can lead to emotional upsets and frustrations. Binaural beats instruct the halves of the brain to work in sync again. In less
than 15 minutes they stimulate the brain waves so that both halves eventually produce the same brain waves. Your brain now works more focused, faster and can face difficult thought processes. It should also lift your mood.

EEG measurements show that the halves of the brain work in synch again after just 15 minutes of use.

Before use:

The halves of the brain do not work synchronously.

After application:

The halves of the brain have been shown to work synchronously.

Our brain has 5 different frequency ranges. These affect ours
general condition, both physical and mental. They are called gamma, beta,
Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain waves.

1. Gamma brain waves: over 30 Hertz
● If your brain is producing gamma brainwaves, you are in
a very productive state. Meditate, study and concentrate
work effectively here and your creativity is activated.

2. Beta brain waves: 13 to 30 Hertz
● Beta waves are strongly related to rational and logical thinking.
You will find balance in everyday life again and have a sharpened one

3. Alpha brain waves: 8 to 13 Hertz
● In the alpha stage you experience inner relaxation, which is meditative,
but at the same time completely preserves your perception. Through the
In a released state, negative emotions are switched off.

4. Theta brain waves: 4 to 8 Hertz
● The theta brain waves become active when you sleep, meditate, or yourself
concentrate strongly on a predominantly creative achievement.

5. Delta brain waves: 0.1 to 4 Hertz
● In this frequency range you will experience dreamless sleep in the
Deep sleep. A high proportion of delta brainwaves therefore shows
also towards a good, restful sleep.

So with binaural beats you trick your brain: you can join in depending on your needs
Binaural beats align your brain individually!

Scientific background

Scientific studies indicate that binaural beats have been shown to have an impact on our brain. Measurements showed changes in brain waves in different case studies. Several scientists also suspect that binaural beats promote cognitive abilities. This also includes your ability to concentrate and
your memory. The ability to alleviate depressive moods or anxiety states is also attributed to binaural beats.


Please note that binaural music or sounds are not suitable for everyone. It's not as
To understand remedies, but should only offer you simple support in some areas of life.
Especially for epileptics, those with heart disease and people with a stroke
Binaural beats not suitable. In addition, in rare cases, headaches,
Dizziness or agitation occur.

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